Are Your Ears Burning? They Will Be…


[bra_dropcaps style=’dropcap2′]D[/bra_dropcaps]o you have a ‘great face for radio’? Do your vocal chords sound like you regularly bathe them in honey? Are you a blooming or budding producer/presenter/DJ or weatherperson looking for a big break at Red Earth City? Then pin back your ears and read on…

Literally born from the vibrating ashes of the Burn, Red Earth Radio at last year’s Seed looked more like a concept (and/or a place to get fast food) than a radio station.

Since then, we’ve built a community and a following, we’ve created a 24/7 stream at www.bmaradio.net, and we’ve connected with Burner communities around the antipodes to bring the sound of not-silence to anyone with an ear to spare.

Now? We. Need. You. Red Earth Radio will be back – bigger, louder, and (with any luck) legal!  Slots for shows during Seed are flying off the shelves people so if you wanna get your creative juices into Burners’ ears LIVE this year you better be quick and let us know.

NEWSFLASH: Attention Burners! As part of your Burning Seed survival kit this year, please bring a small transistor radio capable of AM/FM reception!

Can you make sounds with your mouth or any other instrument? We want you. Can you make the weather forecast sound like foreplay? We want you. Can you mix sick trax n beats? We want you. Can you keep on talking even when silence threatens to creep over you like an enveloping darkness? Yep, we want you too.

We’ll have more than 120 hours of LIVE airtime over the course of Burning Seed and it is all yours to fill as you bloody well like. We’re also keen on hearing from community members with radio/broadcasting experience — god knows, we need you!!

If you wanna get involved — either with content or to help us crew this joint, don’t hang about. Content providers, we can even host your shit on our 24/7 shiz  www.bmaradio.net right now.

Music, spoken word, whatevs, just send us MP3 128kbps or lossless prerecorded files. Send your files to redearthradio@gmail.com and make sure it’s CLEARLY LABELLED as spoken word, songs, DJ set, animal noises etc.

In the email please include a brief description of the content and if your content contains ADULT themes or LANGUAGE. Keep it clean, k? There will be NO ADVERTISING (unless it’s fictional). Be guided by the 10 Principles people!

This is your shot. This is your opportunity! Don’t eat Mom’s spaghetti!

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