Canberra Decompression 2015

Written by Sacha Fawkes

Canberraburners Party in the Park

Party in the Park

The initial post Seed decompression of Canberra burners happened on 18 October with our embers still glowing from the Mother Seed.

A quirk of the Berra’s event cycle meant that our original site was filled with flower lovers and revels so on the morning a quick location change was enacted to Black Mountain Peninsula.

This spit of land spurts out into Canberra’s central artificial lake and its lush trees and bends hide all of civilisation but for the tip of Parliament jutting above the treeline.

Sticky fingers

Early arrivals erected a marquee for sound equipment and a plethora of eager sticky fingered enthusiasts throughout the day meant we were never left bereft of sonic stimulation.

Over the day around 40 folk came through our slice of paradise at the periphery of the bends in our almost island. Our improvised banquet grew throughout the day from home made dips, chips, carrot sticks into diverse BBQ and hedonistic salad variations.

Burner Banquet

BBQ Burner Banquet

Fun and games

Popular throughout the day was chess, bowling, and frisbee with the creative arts of circus, dance, and freestyle rap flowing like a sweet treacle river rapid dapper flapper ecstatic matter of fact.

But by far the greatest time was spent in discussion about the big, small, important and banal as we bathed in the communal energy of intentional immediacy.

From 3pm, until darkness fell, we inhabited a space not far from the Paddock. Well, it would’ve taken a while to walk between them but mentally we approached union. The default world leaked in slightly more to our porous potlatch, but this allowed us to further connect with each other as we planned additional parties, collaborations, and shindigs over the following months.

Canberra knows how to chill

A Capital Canberra Decom

Another Decom!

A second smaller decompression gathering was held on the 22 November in Canberra’s Glebe Park; spreading out our gatherings adds the kindling of enthusiasm to our embers from Seed.

We skipped the amplified music for this latter local gathering due to sharing our shady sanctuary with many other groups, but once again faced a bounty of food and conversational frolicking with our community becoming more familiar with itself.

Our energy wants to grow, the philosophy spills into the mainstream in a myriad of minute multiplicities, with radical acceptance we welcome the overcoming of stereotypes and with radical expression we connect in ways that transcend the individual and enrich the all. Our resilient community and culture is fractal, see you at the next burn!

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