And the 2016 Burning Seed theme is…

WANDERERS_verona_rupes_03Ok, you space trippers and big dippers, the 2016 Burning Seed theme moon walks among us. Druuummmmm rooooolll: it's Deep Space.

Wondering how we travelled through time and space to reach this place? We collected 97 suggestions from the community via our online voting app, Town Hall Social, with 413 votes helping us to create the shortlist - trolls notwithstanding (Zzzzzzz). Team Leads then voted for the top pick at the Summit in November.

For a quick history of what themes walked before and the wherefore of having one, you can go here

Thanks to Victoria Vickery, who made the Deep Space suggestion. Her choice was thrown into inspiration wash of our Team Leads and turned into the following blurb by the stylin’ scribing of our outgoing Comms Lead, Jane Lyons. 

In January, we'll youhoo the community again for applications for our Theme Design Lab. In the meantime, check out some inspirational images, thoughts and talks: Neil DeGrasse and his astounding facts; a TED talk on challenging perceptions in space; and images from Erik Wernquist's film Wanderers, which are based on actual space footage.

Deep Space

For millennia, humans have been inspired and guided by the stars and the Deep Space that stretches endlessly around them. Before even the ancient Greeks or Galileo, Aboriginal people have used the secrets of the night sky to survive the Australian landscape, passing down dreamtime stories that science is now using to further unlock the mysteries and histories of our stars and universe.

And as technology has made the flesh both willing and able, humans have reached as far as we could for these celestial bodies. Nations have laid down swords to build shuttles and stations, and both our efforts and popular imagination have sought to boldly go where no man or woman has gone before.

But we are not only part of this universe; the universe is part of us, says famed American astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson.

The atoms that make up life on Earth can be traced back to stars that collapsed and exploded, scattering their guts across the galaxy. Celestial lights begot life as these guts of carbon, nitrogen and oxygen solidified into solar systems, planets and life itself.

Is our desire for Deep Space a desire for our birthplace? As we reach for those stars, are we reaching for ourselves too - a journey of discovery into the unknown limits of the universe and ourselves, or a return to the merely forgotten? A primal homecoming?

At Burning Seed, we love to greet each other with “Welcome home”. For us, the Paddock is both a return and a mini-world beyond our known worlds. It’s a journey of discovery that is as much about place as the unknown space that we explore together and within each and every one of us.

And within each and every one of us lie deeper spaces still. Microscopic galaxies spin round and round as electrons orbit our atom suns, moving us continually through time and space - pointillistic mirrors of the universe that surrounds us.

Such connection, says DeGrasse, is the fundamental juice of the universe. We are not small in the face of it. Instead, we are beings enlarged by our star-birthed atoms, connecting us one to another through the sheer act of participation in life.

Or Deep Space is just a flimsy excuse to wear that hot space-chick outfit, ride ‘em space cowboy, or brandish your Star Wars nerdism with pride. Take your pick.

How will you participate in Deep Space at Burning Seed 2016?

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