Art registration

Art Registration & Grants

We love and encourage spontaneous combustions of creative energy anytime, anywhere at Seed, but if you are making art that you plan to display on the open paddock – especially large-scale, flammable or fiery art – it’s important that you register with the ARTery! All art *must* register either Online or Onsite. Please make sure to read our policies before registering your piece. 

1. Online:  You'll fill out a General Art Registration Form by clicking here, you can preview the 2017 form here and between March 1st and mid-July each year you can enter the information online by clicking *2017 form coming soon*.

2. Onsite: Missed the mid-August deadline? No worries mate! Just pop into our on-site HQ, ARTedia, from 10am-4pm any day during the festival and complete the walk-in registration form. If you are a keen bean you can fill it out at home by downloading it here and bring it with you. Note that flame effects installations cannot register on-site you must get pre-approval from the FART team.

Do you require funding to make your project happen? We have two tiers of grants available: 

Large Art Grants: $1,001-$5000*: 

Application Dates: 1-Mar-17 to 16-Apr-17 6pm
Notified By: 22-May-17
Preview the Large Grants application *2017 form coming soon* view the 2016 form here.
Ready to apply? *Online application here.

*Potential Extra-Large Grant in 2017 for $7,500, announced post ticket refunds. Need more info email artery@burningseed.com

Small Art Grants $1,000 and under: 

Application Dates: 1-Mar-17 to 7-May 2017 6pm
Notified By: 11-Jun-17
Preview the Small Art Grant application *2017 form coming soon* view the 2016 form here.
Ready to apply? Online application form here.