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Have a question about the Burning Seed organisation, and not too sure who to ask? You can direct all questions about the inner workings of Seed, including how we take our coffee, to feedback@burningseed.com

If you have a question for a specific Burning Seed Organisational team, you can contact them via the information below: 

Meet The Teams

Burning Seed is created by you for you — there's no production company curating from up on high, or digging our ditches down below. It's all you and me. And our lead community organisers help create and maintain the infrastructure and systems that we need at the event, and throughout the year, by working in the following teams. Wanna know more organisational nitty gritty? You can read about Seed's legal entity, its history and financials here. 


The Admin Team ensures that all systems are go, by maintaining, publishing and updating the documentation from each team, and managing the back end of our web-based administrative programs.

Team Lead: <vacant>
Email: admin@burningseed.com


The Finance Team keeps an eye on the money and the event on track, by counting the beans, managing budgets and providing the community with financial reports.

Email: finance@burningseed.com


The Ticketing Team liaises with the ticketing vendor for Burning Seed, manages the ticket sales process, and responds to email enquiries from the community. 

Team Lead: Nick Westcott (Zuul)
Email: ticketing@burningseed.com



The Crew Wrangling Team matches willing community members with the jobs and roles that make Burning Seed tick, both on site and during the year. They’re here to help you.

Team Leads: Rhianna Hobbs
Email: jointhecrew@burningseed.com


Kitchen is responsible for setting up and packing down the kitchen, and feeding our crews before, during, and after the event.

Team Lead: Bek Stewart
Email: kitchen@burningseed.com


The Comms Team engages, inspires and informs the Burner community and public about all things Burning Seed, creating and maintaining the comms channels needed to do this.

Team Leads: Madeline Snow &
Andy Goodyear
Email: comms@burningseed.com


The Gate Keepers are responsible for managing the safe arrival of participants at Burning Seed. This includes checking tickets and IDs, ensuring everyone is being radically self reliant with enough food and water, and handing out wristbands and the WWW event guides.

Team Lead: Sam Cooling (Trainwreck)
2IC: Rodney Fitzsimmons aka PsySurge
Email: gate@burningseed.com


The grinning face of Burning Seed and ambassadors of the beautiful new world we are creating. Greeters are the first contact between participants and the transformational space of Red Earth City…

Team Lead: Jessica Fairburn & Rachel Holan
2IC: Kate Beckwith
Email: greeters@burningseed.com


Traffic and Placement is primarily responsible for controlling and directing traffic once participants have cleared the gate to ensure a smooth and efficient arrival for participants whilst ensuring the safety of all thoroughfare and camping areas

Team Lead: Luke Stephan
Email: traffic@burningseed.com


The Theme Camp Team helps foster one of Seed’s central interactive experiences. It facilitates the creation and collaboration of theme camps by providing support, information and placement.

Team Leads: "Nty" Nick Woodford & Aidan McCarthy
Email: themecamps@burningseed.com


The ARTery department works with anyone bringing art to Burning Seed. ARTery facilitates and fosters the principles of radical self-expression and participation by advocating for and supporting art at the event through art grants and artist services.

Team Leads: Stephanie Selig
2IC: Naomi Smith
Email: artery@burningseed.com
Facebook: arteryburningseed 


The Red Earth Department of Mutant Vehicles manages the fleet of mutant vehicles (art cars) that make their way to Seed every year.

Team Lead: Daniel Zeller
Email: redmv@burningseed.com


The FART team is Burning Seed's fire department - they provide rapid fire emergency response and manage and inspect flammable art

Team Lead: Brian Denham
Email: fart@burningseed.com


Centre Camp at Burning Seed is gifted to the community by a small but dedicated team who passionately believe it is their civic responsibility to create a’ living room’ where everyone is radically included to participate in acts of immediacy, from spontaneous cuddle puddles to lycra clad leapfrog.

Team Leads: Eike Zeller & Kevala Shishmanian
Email: centrecamp@burningseed.com


Temple Guardians are present to preserve the safety of the Temple and its visitors, while ensuring its intent and its traditions are being respected.

Team Lead: Erin Killion
Email: templeguardians@burningseed.com



Rangers are our go-to people who roam Red Earth City making sure all is well. They’re usually the first to deal with an emergency, and work closely with the Medical, Fire and Security teams.

Team Lead: Shaan Ali
2IC: <vacant>
Email: rangers@burningseed.com


PEER Rangers will provide support on the Paddock for participants who are having an emotional, mental or psychological crisis that goes beyond the capacity of their local Burner community and Red Earth City Rangers to manage, but that does not yet need medical services.

Team Lead: Jacqueline "Ladysparkles"
Email: peers@burningseed.com


Sanctuary exists to provide participants a chill out space for when they are having difficulty adjusting to the stimuli at Seed.

Team Lead: Chris Knowling
Email: sanctuary@burningseed.com


The Department of Planning and Infrastructure plans, builds and takes down Red Earth City’s basic infrastructure. DPI also oversees the Effigy/Temple builds.

Team Lead: Alistair Beattie
2IC: <vacant>
Email: dpi@burningseed.com


The Effigy Team is responsible for building one of Seed’s iconic community structures. It also makes sure that the Burn is safe, effective and creative and that the Leave No Trace plan is followed.

Team Lead: Korri Brennan
2IC's: Sully Brennan
Email: effigy@burningseed.com


The Leave No Trace team returns the paddock to its former glory, as close to its natural state as possible, and keeps a record of how well each theme camp upholds the LNT principle.

Team Lead: <vacant>
Email: lnt@burningseed.com


The Sanitation Team organises and maintains all the composting toilets for the event and manages the DPI waste.

Team Lead: Lara "Squeaky Queen" Warren
Email: sanitation@burningseed.com


The Facilitators are the operational Department Leads that facilitate Seed's teams to work together to help Burning Seed run smoothly. 

Nick Westcott (Engine Room) - zuul@burningseed.com

Rhianna Hobbs (Crew) - crew@burningseed.com

Andy Goodyear (Comms) - andygoodyear@burningseed.com

Thomas Snow (Curation, Arts & Culture) - prettyboy@burningseed.com

Shaye Harty (Site Safety) - shaye@burningseed.com

Will Newsome (Site Safety Co-Facilitator) - sitesafety@burningseed.com

Karl Matthews (Operations) - build@burningseed.com

Jessica Fairburn (Entry Facilitator) - entry@burningseed.com

Burning Seed Town Councillors

Town Councillors make decisions on the strategic direction of the Burning Seed organisation. You can contact them here:


Shaye ' President' Harty - president@burningseed.com

Victoria 'Tech Support' Vickery - victoria@burningseed.com

 Phil 'Sherpa' Smart - sherpa@burningseed.com

Ali Mohammed Shams Amadhi - ali@burningseed.com

Jason 'Pondage' Bond - jason@burningseed.com 

Kuy Therman - kuy@burningseed.com

Jo Roberts - jo@burningseed.com