The Future of Burning Seed

The Future of Burning Seed

We want your input on the future of Burning Seed!

The Burning Seed organisation is consulting with the Burning Seed community about how to set-up the future event organising body in the future. This is likely to involve discussions about the best type of organisation (or group of organisations) to run it (i.e. incorporated association; a company limited by guarantee; or a co-operative). It is also likely to involve discussions about membership of the new organisation; who is on the board; and what the organisation should own. This is a discussion about the organisation running the event, rather than the event itself.

We want to hear from as many community members as possible – theme camps, artists, volunteers, and participants. To find out what you all think, we will be running a community consultation process over the next few months. This will begin at Burning Seed, and will run into early 2018.  All members of the Burning Seed community are welcome and encouraged to participate. Click here to read a Statement of Intent from the Red Earth City Directors and a synopsis on the History of Burning Seed


The consultation process will involve the following:

  • An information session and Q&A at Burning Seed Town Hall 2017 *COMPLETED*. Notes here.
  • Face-to-face ‘Town Hall’ sessions in Melbourne on Thursday November 23rd 2017, and in Sydney on Thursday November 30th 2017 *COMPLETED* Summary here.
  • Additional face-to-face’ Town Hall’ sessions in Melbourne (8-Apr-18), Sydney (15-Apr-18 TBC), Newcastle (22-Apr-18 TBC), Brisbane (29-Apr-18 TBC),  and Riverina/Matong (6-May-18 TBC)
  • A written submission process (January – April 2018) *COMPLETED*
  • An online questionnaire (April-May 2018) *COMPLETED*
  • Additional consultations for Seed community members (as needed, and pending levels of interest) *COMPLETED*
  • A review of the data collected in the survey, face to face and additional consultation :This analysis will support a final report on the the consultation. *IN PROGRESS*
  • A final report will make recommendations on the preferred legal entity, constitution, board composition, and membership (plus a couple of other items). (Presented at the 2018 Burning Seed Town Hall)

Information will be updated on this web page and on the Burning Seed Facebook page. Additional enquiries can be sent to futureofseed@burningseed.com, or you can subscribe to our mailing list below.


Resources & background information;

  • spreadsheet that highlights the differences between each of the legal models we are considering;
  • research paper that discusses how other regional burns are structured;
  • A PDF that provides a bit of background and history on the creation of the Burning Seed Event and the corporate structure of Red Earth City.
  • Bios of the folks running this process including the Restructure Sub-Committee, the Town Council and the Red Earth City Directors.
  • The Terms of Reference that the Restructure Sub-Committee are following to deliver Community Engagement Process

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