The Future of Burning Seed

The Future of Burning Seed

We want your input on the future of Burning Seed!

A need has emerged to consult with the Burning Seed community about how to run the event in the future. This is likely to involve decisions about the best type of organisation (or group of organisations) to run it (i.e. incorporated association; a company limited by guarantee; or a co-operative). It is also likely to involve decisions about membership of the new organisation; who is on the board; and what the organisation should own.

We want to hear from as many community members as possible – theme camps, artists, volunteers, and participants. To find out what you all think, we will be running  a community consultation process over the next few months. This will begin at Burning Seed, and will run until Christmas.

The consultation process will involve the following:

  • An information session and Q&A at Burning Seed Town Hall 2017
  • An online questionnaire
  • Face-to-face sessions in Sydney and Melbourne
  • A written submission process
  • An online consultation for Seed community members in other capital cities (pending levels of interest)

All members of the Burning Seed community are welcome and encouraged to participate.

Information will be updated on this web page, on the Burning Seed Facebook page, and provided at the Burning Seed 2017 Town Hall. You can find details of the Burning Seed Town Hall meeting in the WWW guide and at our Facebook event: Burning Seed Town Hall

Additional enquiries can be sent to futureofseed@burningseed.com