Event Theme

Event Theme

Come with us on a Journey

The Burning Seed Theme for 2019 is: Zoophemism.

Ok burners, this is probably the most unique and original theme we have ever had for a Burning Seed event. The theme 'Zoophemism' was submitted as part of our theme design contest in November, before making it to the top 5 (as voted by the community) and achieving the most votes at the Burning Seed Summit. Jesseca, who submitted the theme, describes it as follows: "Imagine a world where all euphemisms are animal related and puns are considered currency".

So how will you interpret Zoophemism for Burning Seed 2019? Our theme design may help you with this - see below!



Whether you are a professional or amateur graphic designer, an artist or a cat-person - if you have a design in mind, we'd love to see it!

  • For all the info on our theme design submissions - click here to read our blog post
  • Click on the red button below to access the design specs, FAQ's and instructions on how to submit.

So what are you waiting for? You have until March 15th to submit your designs!