In Your EARS! Red Earth Radio FM!

Those Red Earth renegades of the airwaves are back!! That’s right, Red Earth Radio FM will be coming in your ears at Burning Seed: Deep Space! AND YOU CAN LISTEN TO IT LIVE RIGHT NOW!! Some seriously intergalactic plans for RERfm broadcasts this year – including the creation of a SpacePort to house a new studio and […]


BURNER JOURNEYS: Red Earth Rangers To The Rescue!

By Hot Wire He was shivering and rather distraught when we found him, stuck on the top of the art car, huddled on a couch in the fetal position. 4am is a terrible time to be stuck anywhere in a tshirt and jeans… let alone on top of an art car with no idea how you […]


BMA Radio goes beta

All your ears are belong to us! Burning Man Australia Radio (BMAR) hit the digital sound waves last month with a Beta site that is now begging for your creative lubrication… YES people! This is a call out for community content!!! We want spoken word shows, DJ sets, live recordings and more – check out […]


Burning Man Australia Radio set to hit net

Plans are underway for an online broadcast of Burner tunes, chat and other audiolicious content via Burning Man Australia Radio (BMAR). BMAR is, and will be, a fantastic example of the potential we have for collaborative and creative endeavour in this community. Fresh and flushed from the success of the inaugural Red Earth Radio live […]


Are Your Ears Burning? They Will Be…

[bra_dropcaps style=’dropcap2′]D[/bra_dropcaps]o you have a ‘great face for radio’? Do your vocal chords sound like you regularly bathe them in honey? Are you a blooming or budding producer/presenter/DJ or weatherperson looking for a big break at Red Earth City? Then pin back your ears and read on… Literally born from the vibrating ashes of the […]


Community design labs: theme & logo

Like everything we do at Burning Seed, what you see is what we make – together. And in honour of this collaborative spirit, we’ve banished the word competition from our lexicon and developed Community Design Labs instead. These labs will be opportunities throughout the year to bring your dreams and designs to life by helping […]


Community Crew

Burning Seed is 100 per cent participant driven. There’s no fancy-pants production company curating this event from up on high or digging our ditches down below. There are no ‘volunteers’ either. You + me + participation makes WE. And WE all make our Red Earth City rock by creating and looking after it. Here, we crew — and […]


Your Rangers on the Paddock – Everything you need to know!

The Red Earth Rangers, FART Rangers and PEER Rangers will be pounding the Paddock in Deeper Space, helping the citizens of Red Earth City stay safe and sound in our biggest year yet! What do the Rangers do? Essentially, they keep the people running smoothly. They are there to support anyone that needs a sober, […]


Rangers just got hotter

[bra_dropcaps style=’dropcap2′]T[/bra_dropcaps]hose super-heroes and super-heroines of Seed are back and sexier than ever. Rejoice in the orange glory of our Rangers new ‘Costuforms’. High visibility – check. High swag – check. UV50+ protective – check. Flame retardant – check. Yes! You read that right – EFFING FLAME RETARDANT!! From the recruitment team at Outpost Oodnawoopwoop: […]


Theme Camps

Theme camps are the interactive core of a Burn. They create an ambience and a visual presence, providing interactive and communal spaces, often with activities. Fun, frivolous or food for thought, they are open to all and a gift to those who enter. These camps are created by the combined efforts of participants, who join […]