Our theme design is here — congrats to all

[bra_dropcaps style=’dropcap2′]M[/bra_dropcaps]eet the face of our Revolutionary theme this year. Madeline Snow’s design was chosen from four other designs that were submitted as part of our Community Design Labs. It will grace the cover of our guides, Facebook pages, wristbands, stickers and other design collateral.

At a Burn, what you see is what you make and we’ve developed the Community Design Labs as a way to tap into the talents of our creative community melting pot. The theme itself — Revolution — was also selected from a pooling of community ideas and a shortlisting through one of our Seedtech tools – Town Hall Social. To see what else is created via this portal, check out the page here.

Thanks to all those who shared their Revolutionary ideas. You can have a look at them here and we’ll also have them on display at Centre Camp during the event.

Revolution_finalWEB (1)


Burners on a mission? No WAY!!!!??

[bra_dropcaps style=’dropcap2′]Y[/bra_dropcaps]es way. Meet the Beneficent Burners. You don’t even have to be able to pronounce it to be a part of it. This beautiful crew of like-minded and inspired Sydney Burners not only have the passion, love, intelligence and creativity to bring burner culture into the wider world but they have the looks to go with it. They are all so pretty!

Energy and love — Yeah!

Tristen Tan, a founder member of the Beneficent Burners based in a secret location somewhere in Sydney says the ultimate goal is to cultivate the energy, love, compassion and fun that we get from the Burning Man community and do some freakin’ good with it.

“Since we set the group up in January we’ve run three workshops and grown to about 60 members,” says Tristen. “Last year’s Seed was my first ever Burn event – I found my people and knew instantly there was more I could do to bring the vibe of burner culture out into the world.

“The incredible mix of talent and passion of those who turned up to our first meet-up in January proved me right – there was something very beautiful sprouting here and I couldn’t possibly be more proud to be a part of it.

“We have our next meet-up mid April in Sydney – it’s an organic and really social thing, not super formal or process driven – but we do wanna get things done.”

2015 projects

The Beneficent Burners are looking to complete two major projects in 2015, potentially one focused on community and one on the environment. Smaller beneficent side-adventures are encouraged via the new network that you can find AND JOIN on Facebook.

If you are keen to get something going then post on the group or get in touch with any of the Beneficent Burners you have met to make it happen.

Can you feel that? It’s your love bone wanting to find out more. Visit Beneficent Burners at https://www.facebook.com/groups/beneficentburnerssydney/


Humans of Seed — meet the 2015 team

[bra_dropcaps style=’dropcap2′]B[/bra_dropcaps]ehind the Burning Seed scenes, the year is off and running. Team Leads kicked off the year in January with the first of their monthly meetings, where they have been talking task-lists, timelines (and a whole lotta shit) together. Team Leads and 2ICs are community members who gift their time year round to collaborate, create and maintain the systems and infrastructure that support the event and help our culture flourish beyond the Paddock.

However, they often beaver away behind the scenes without many realising who they are — or what they do. So let’s put the face to the function and the people back in the picture by meeting some of the Team Leads and their trusty 2ICS (that’s Mr or Mz second-in-command to you) for 2015.


Miriam - greeters team lead_150dpi x 150px x 150px_round

Miriam Fathalla (aka Norm)
Greeters Team Lead
Year on team: second

What can’t you live without on the Paddock? Gummy candy
Describe your signature look at Seed Half cocked
What were your first thoughts after your first Burn? Wow, I used to worry about things that really don’t need to be worried about. And I’m really glad we eventually found Grant, but should we take him to see his grandmother (as he is insisting) with his face painted like that?
Why are you involved with Seed? Because i wholeheartedly believe in our responsibilities to one another and to be as bright and illuminating as possible.[bra_border_divider top=’5′ bottom=’10’]Sparks - Centre Camp Team lead_150dpi x 150px x 150px_round

Moltenmetal Sparks
Centre Camp Team Lead
Year on team: First

What can’t you live without on the Paddock? Copious quantities of Hugs!
Describe your signature look at Seed Industrial steampunk
What were your first thoughts after your first Burn? These are my kind of humans!
Why are you involved with Seed? To inspire others to be the best they can be![bra_border_divider top=’10’ bottom=’10’]Victoria Vickery_DPI

Victoria Vickery (aka Tech Support)
Department of Planning and Infrastructure Co-Team Lead
Year on team: second

What can’t you live without on the Paddock? Socks and spare shoes
Describe your signature look at Seed Ridiculous
What were your first thoughts after your first Burn? That was a lot of work
Why are you involved with Seed? The rewards for giving are beyond measure.  The happiest moments of my life have involved watching others enjoy what I created for them. [bra_border_divider top=’10’ bottom=’10’]Rusty - effigy team lead_150dpi x 150px x 150px_round

Rusty Kilpatrick
Effigy Team Lead
Year on team: sixth

What can’t you live without on the Paddock? Portaloos
Describe your signature look at Seed Mostly some sort of work clothes, maybe with some of the punk style I have been wearing for 40 years.
What were your first thoughts after your first Burn? This is almost up to the same level of community care and participation and art of the Earth Dream events (SA), which I worked on for three years from 2000.
Why are you involved with Seed? The ethics are the closest I have found to mine outside of any event just supporting social justice and environmental protests. Plus it is a great social experiment that I am very interested in seeing how far it can go and what useful things we can get out of it to make this a better world to live in.[bra_border_divider top=’10’ bottom=’10’]Carly Truscott - Crew Wranglers

Carly Truscott
Crew Wrangling Co-Team Lead
Year on team: second

What can’t you live without on the Paddock? Hugs. Lots of hugs.
Describe your signature look at Seed Still in gestation
What were your first thoughts after your first Burn?  I saw my place in the world differently, my priorities shifted and I wanted to keep that feeling of peace. I found my tribe.
Why are you involved with Seed?  I’m just in it for the hugs. I also love this community and want to facilitate the growth of burner culture in any way I can.[bra_border_divider top=’10’ bottom=’10’]James Maddock Leave No Trace_150dpi x 150px x 150px_round

James Maddock (aka MoopDaddy)

Leave No Trace Team Lead
Year on team: second

What can’t you live without on the Paddock? My fake snakeskin vest. It’s a trademark
Describe your signature look at Seed. Matrix Mad Max crossover thing
What were your first thoughts after your first Burn? Wait… what happened?
Why are you involved with Seed? I love watching people take ideas most people would call crazy and turning them into what Burners would revel in calling normal. I love my normal![bra_border_divider top=’10’ bottom=’10’]Rangers - Ninja Rick_150dpi x 150px x 150px_round
Richard Chong (aka Ninja Rick)
Rangers 2IC
Year on team: third

What can’t you live without on the Paddock? My torch and walking stick
Describe your signature look at Seed? Easy sunday morning in my PJs
What were some of your first thoughts after your first Burn?  Wow when is the next one and how do I get involved??
Why are you involved with Seed? Because Seed is a world of possibilities waiting to happen


[/one_third] [one_third]

Jane - comms team lead_150dpi x 150px x 150px_round

Jane Lyons (aka Lioness)
Comms Team Lead
Year on team: fifth

What can’t you live without on the Paddock? My Kamp Krew, parasols and skelecat bag
Describe your signature look at Seed vintage vamp goes bush, with a dash of circus quirk
What were your first thoughts after your first Burn? I’m in love. Who knew people could be so authentic, audacious and generally fuckin’ amazing? I’m gonna get me some more of that.
Why are you involved with Seed? Because I believe in the power of one and the power of the collective to make a difference in both individual lives and the world at large.[bra_border_divider top=’10’ bottom=’10’]jayman_theme camp team lead_150dpi x 150px x 150px_round

Jarred Taylor (aka Jayman)
Theme Camp Co-Team Lead
Year on team: second

What can’t you live without on the Paddock? Unicorns, bunnies and sparkle ponies
Describe your signature look at Seed Homeless tramp
What were your first thoughts after your first Burn? Wow! Everyone I ever wanted to hang out with is all in one place!
Why are you involved with Seed? I drank too much kool aid and Larry told me to do it. [bra_border_divider top=’10’ bottom=’10’]Sabina Crew Wranglers_150dpi x 150px x 150px_round

Sabina Nowak
Co Crew Wrangling Co-Team Lead
Year on team: second

What can’t you live without on the Paddock? Antihistamines and insect repellent
Describe your signature look at Seed Comfortable-Chic
What were your first thoughts after your first Burn? Feeling High on the love.  I arrived knowing one person and left with lots of new kindred spirits.
Why are you involved with Seed? I love the Principles, the sense of community and the love. [bra_border_divider top=’30’ bottom=’10’]

Bear - Rangers team lead_150dpi x 150px x 150px_round

Bear (aka Mark von Behrens)
Rangers Team Lead
Year on team: third

What can’t you live without on the Paddock? My badass/amazing team of Rangers who gift their time to this community to keep things safe and funning (sic) smoothly.  I treasure each and every one of these beautiful motherfuckers – even if I’m not great at showing it.
Describe your signature look at Seed  beardy and skirty.  Radios are the perfect accessory for every outfit.
What were your first thoughts after your very Burn? “My life will never be the same.”  And, “Fuck yeah I can dance!”
Why are you involved with Seed?  Promoting and growing the Burner ethos and culture is one of the best contributions I can make to society. And it’s fulfilling and fun as hell, too.[bra_border_divider top=’30’ bottom=’20’]Thomas Snow Theme Camps 2IC_150dpi x 150px x 150px_round


Thomas Snow (aka Pretty boy)
Co-Theme Camp Team Lead
Year on team: second

What can’t you live without on the Paddock?  All the sparkly people
Describe your signature look at Seed  Show stopping
What were your first thoughts after your first Burn?  There is no way I’m ever going to get all this dust out of all those places
Why are you involved with Seed?  I enjoy contributing in a constructive and meaningful way to a global movement that has so inspired me. And for the unicorns. Definitely the unicorns.[bra_border_divider top=’10’ bottom=’10’]

Jodi York - finance team lead_150dpi x 150px x 150px_round

Jodi Rivet

Finance Team Lead
Year on team: fourth

What can’t you live without on the Paddock? Comfy shoes, outrageous eyelashes, and my camelback full of random supplies
Describe your signature look at Seed conversation-starting.  I love it when they start with someone approaching saying ‘I could never…’ and end with someone walking away feeling empowered to do just that thing.
What were your first thoughts after your first Burn? The scope of my imagination and sense of possibility was restored after so many years of ‘straight’ culture. I’ve been taking them back and inviting others to do the same since 2000.
Why are you involved with Seed? To enable art and transformation. [bra_border_divider top=’10’ bottom=’10’]

[/one_third] [one_third_last]

Shaye Harty - Admin team lead_150dpi x 150px x 150px_round

Shaye Harty (aka President)
Admin Team Lead and event coordinator
Year on team: third

What can’t you live without on the Paddock? My faux fur jacket because it keeps me super warm and fancy at FreezingSeed.
Describe your signature look at Seed Costumiforms and smirks. Maybe a smize or two.
What were your first thoughts after your first Burn? Holy shit, there’s a whole bunch of other people like me?!?
Why are you involved with Seed? Because I have been burning ever since 2005 when my mind was first blown in black rock city, and I think regionals are where the real magic happens these days.[bra_border_divider top=’5′ bottom=’5′]Justin McGhee_ARTery
Justin Mcghee (aka The Captain)
Department of Planning and Infrastructure Co-Team Lead
Year on team: fourth

What can’t you live without on the Paddock? My hip bag
Describe your signature look at Seed Smart but casual
What were your first thoughts after your first Burn? Anything is possible
Why are you involved with Seed? Because i want to be a part of this magical experiment.[bra_border_divider top=’5′ bottom=’5′]Sir Andy - Comms 2ic_150dpi x 150px x 150px_round

Andy Parkinson (aka SirAndy)
Comms Team 2IC
Year on team: first

What can’t you live without on the Paddock? Jenn, my sunglasses, my mug, Red Earth Radio, and Mint Country Club (of course).
Describe your signature look at Seed More Bin-Bag Babylon than Bean Bag, and less Trash Mansion more Trash Monsoon.
What were your first thoughts after your first Burn? It will be better next year.
Why are you involved with Seed? I can neither imagine or remember not being involved.

[bra_border_divider top=’10’ bottom=’10’]Phil Smart _ARTery

Phil Smart (aka Sherpa)
ARTery Co-Team Lead
Year on team: sixth

What can’t you live without on the Paddock?  My family, pewter mug and head torch. Oh, and it’s become apparent that a pushbike is also essential.
Describe your signature look at Seed Somewhat random.
What were your first thoughts after your first Burn? I was thinking about what to do/bring the following year, and realising that my life would never be the same again.
Why are you involved with Seed?  I felt like the only Burner in the village, coming back to Oz after my first few Burns, as not too many people knew about Burning Man then. I just knew I wanted to be part of planting the seed here and believe that what we are doing is important and transformative, as well as lots of fun![bra_border_divider top=’10’ bottom=’5′]Fiona Smart_ARTery
Fiona Smart (aka Paw Paw)
ARTery Co-Team Lead
Year on team: first

What can’t you live without on the Paddock? Weed and ratchet straps
Describe your signature look at Seed. Stealth veteran burner
What were your first thoughts after your first Burn? Amazed that the spirit of the playa was there. Excited about the future. Keen-ness to get the event to the Australian desert 
Why are you involved with Seed? My burn experience adds potency to the newbie event. The spirit of getting involved is at the core of BM.[bra_border_divider top=’10’ bottom=’10’]Rhianna Hobbs _Crew Wrangler2IC

Rhianna Hobbs
Crew Wrangling Team 2IC
Year on team: first

What can’t you live without on the Paddock? Hugs
Describe your signature look at Seed. Shiny, sparkly and all things rainbow
What were your first thoughts after your first Burn? “I have just discovered the reason I was put on this earth”, after my first Burning Man
Why are you involved with Seed? I have been burning for a number of years at Black Rock City and wanted to take my participation to the next level, closer to home [bra_border_divider top=’10’ bottom=’10’]

















The big wrap: 2014 AfterBurn report

[bra_dropcaps style=’dropcap2′]I[/bra_dropcaps]t’s here! Da big wrap! Every year, our dedicated Team Leads and Crew get together post-Seed to review the event — what went well, what didn’t go so well, and recommendations for how we can make the next year even better!

Each Team develops a detailed report and we’ve summarised them all here in this handy, er… summary. You’ll find pdfs the full Team AfterBurn reports below.

You — the community — make Seed what it is. We’ve seen huge growth at Seed in a relatively short time, and it’s your engagement — your creativity, your passion and active participation — will help to make sure that, as a community, we manage that growth in a sustainable way.

Take a look at the AfterBurn summary, take a deeper look through the full reports and let us know how you want to get involved in helping to make the good stuff better, helping to fix what didn’t work so well last year, and helping to implement recommendations identified for 2015.

Let’s do this!!

Note: To read the flipbook, press the magnifying class under the book and it will allow you to zoom in and read the text. To return to the layout view, just press the magnifying glass again.

For those who want to download the AfterBurn report, we’ve also provided a pdf.[bra_border_divider top=’20’ bottom=’20’]

[responsive-flipbook id=”2014_afterburn_report”] [bra_button text=’AfterBurn report pdf’ url=’http://burningseed.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/BS-2014-AfterBurn-reportFORPUBLICATION.pdf’ target=’_blank’ size=’medium’ style=’rounded’ color=’blue’][bra_border_divider top=’20’ bottom=’20’]

Individual team reports

[bra_button text=’Admin Team report’ url=’http://burningseed.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/Afterburn2014_Admin.pdf’ target=’_blank’ size=’medium’ style=’rounded’ color=’red’][bra_button text=’ARTery report’ url=’http://burningseed.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/Afterburn2014_Artery.pdf’ target=’_blank’ size=’medium’ style=’rounded’ color=’red’][bra_button text=’Centre Camp Team report’ url=’http://www.brankic1979.com’ target=’_blank’ size=’medium’ style=’rounded’ color=’red’][bra_button text=’Comms Team report’ url=’http://burningseed.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/CommsTeamAfterburnreport2014V2.pdf’ target=’_blank’ size=’medium’ style=’rounded’ color=’red’][bra_button text=’Crew Wrangling Team report’ url=’http://burningseed.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/CrewWranglersAfterBurnReport2014.pdf’ target=’_blank’ size=’medium’ style=’rounded’ color=’red’][bra_button text=’DPI report’ url=’http://burningseed.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/Afterburn2014_DPI.pdf’ target=’_blank’ size=’medium’ style=’rounded’ color=’red’][bra_button text=’Effigy Team report’ url=’http://burningseed.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/Afterburn2014_Effigy.pdf’ target=’_blank’ size=’medium’ style=’rounded’ color=’red’][bra_button text=’Finance Team report TBC April 21′ url=” target=’_blank’ size=’medium’ style=’rounded’ color=’red’][bra_button text=’Gate Team report’ url=’http://burningseed.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/Afterburn2014_Gate.pdf’ target=’_blank’ size=’medium’ style=’rounded’ color=’red’][bra_button text=’Greeters Team report’ url=’http://burningseed.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/Afterburn2014_Greeters.pdf’ target=’_blank’ size=’medium’ style=’rounded’ color=’red’][bra_button text=’Rangers report TBC’ url=” target=’_blank’ size=’medium’ style=’rounded’ color=’red’][bra_button text=’Seed Event Coordination Team report’ url=’http://burningseed.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/Afterburn2014_SECT.pdf’ target=’_blank’ size=’medium’ style=’rounded’ color=’red’][bra_button text=’Temple Crew report’ url=’http://burningseed.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/Afterburn2014_Temple-Design.pdf’ target=’_blank’ size=’medium’ style=’rounded’ color=’red’][bra_button text=’Theme Camp Team report’ url=’http://burningseed.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/Afterburn2014_Theme-Camps.pdf’ target=’_blank’ size=’medium’ style=’rounded’ color=’red’][bra_border_divider top=’20’ bottom=’20’]


[gravityform id=”19″ name=”2014 AfterBurn feedback” title=”false” description=”false”]

Art and Theme Camp applications are a go!

Annnnnnnnddddd we’re off! Art grants and Theme Camp applications have opened, so let those creative urges rip!

Theme Camp applications

Our illustrious Theme Camp team is keen to see more of last year’s mash-up mayhem, with theatrical camps, food stops, healing spaces, chill pads and acoustic stages rounding out our city’s onnz, oonz, oonz soundscape. This year, applications will close on July 1 so there is more time to plan our cityscape.

Key dates:
  • April 2: Theme Camp applications open
  • July 1: Theme Camp applications close

For handy tips and how-tos, check out our online Theme Camp guide. Wanna yak with a Theme Camp sparkle pony? Drop them line at themecamps@burningseed.com

Register your Theme Camp here. [bra_divider height=’10’][bra_divider height=’10’]Art grant applications

Our team has shown a whole lotta art this year by bringing grant applications forward by a month and increasing the grants – awhhhh, aren’t they great?  Now you have more time and mula to share that idea – big or small.

When it comes to the latter, don’t sweat the small stuff – just have a go. At a Burn, you don’t have to be an ‘artist’ to make art – we are all the art and soul of this creative enterprise.

And for those thinking big this year, we’re keen to have more of you onboard too. Our intrepid ARTery teamsters are here to support you by assessing your submissions and helping you realise them. They will also allocate grants during the submission period, rather than waiting till the end of the application process to let people know whether they were successful.

This year, small art grants are up to $1000 and large art grants are up to $5000.

Small art grant application dates:
  • April 2: small art grant applications open
  • July 5: small art grant applications close
  • August 2: all small art grants are finalised
Large art grant application dates:
  • April 2: large art grant applications open
  • June 1: large art grant applications close
  • April 1 – June 28: the ARTery team works with each artist to assess and help realise feasible art works. Art grants will be allocated throughout this period.
  • June 28: all large art grants are finalised

Please note that if you apply for an art grant, you don’t have to fill out an art registration form as well. The art registration form is only for those who are bringing art but not applying for grants.

Apply for your art grant here


Bigger, better, burnier!

[bra_dropcaps style=’dropcap2′]U[/bra_dropcaps]m, so, like are you sitting down? So, Australia’s THIRD annual Burn for 2015 has just been named. The community has voted, and the 2015 Queensland Burn will be known as MODIFYRE!!!

The Burner community in Downunderland has seen phenomenal growth in recent years, and the Burner cultural calendar is sure looking pretty, with Blazing Swan in WA this week, Queensland’s Modifyre planned for early July and Burning Seed lighting up NSW in October.

Hang on — Precon?

You’re right! It only seems like a few weeks since the inaugural Queensland burn — PreConception — which was held last year at the Yarramalong camping grounds in Charlwood, 14-17 November.

The Burn brought 105 people together for a pretty intense gig, which you can read all about in the Preconception AfterBurn Report. And some of it continues to live on in the Phage, PreConception’s combined Effigy/Temple. You can see the Phage at Modifyre, thanks to the safety-conscious cats in the Queensland Fire Service, who imposed a totes fire ban on the night the structure was set to go blazy.

Check out these pix from the event. There’s just not enough time in the year for all that fun to go around….

Our Queensland cousins are now calling for creative hands and minds to contribute to the 2015 event. Whether it’s costumes, Theme Camps, workshops or art, get your creative oonz on at Modifyre — and keep your July diary clear.

More details and a website on Modifyre are coming soon! To join the crew, contact crewformodifyre@gmail.com


Bear essentials


[bra_dropcaps style=’dropcap2′]B[/bra_dropcaps]urning Seed’s very own Rangers Team Lead Bear made his mark (er, lolz because his real name is Mark) on Canberra’s Art, Not Apart Festival in March with a massive climbable sculpture — KAOTIKA — built with six tonnes of railway sleepers.

When he’s not being awesome at Seed, Bear is a Canberra-based geographer, carpenter and artist. His agent says he is “most comfortable working with his hands and body to create physical objects he can touch, feel, navigate through or around, manipulate and otherwise interact with”. Respeck for that agent.

Check out his monolithic timber sculpture made from railroad sleepers and towering four metres above the Nishi Gallery in the John Avery Gardens.

We love you Bear and we’re proud of you!

Keep an eye on the Canberra Burners for other creative endeavours coming to Seed.

Do you wanna be like Bear? Or nothing like him? You can do both by getting your own creative arty juices flowing our way and soaking us with your talent via Artery or with a Theme Camp!

Applications have just opened for both Theme Camp rego and art grants. 


A face to launch a thousand Seeds — which one do you like?

[bra_dropcaps style=’dropcap2′]W[/bra_dropcaps]e’ve been searching for a face to call our own,  and so we ran a Community Design Lab to find Seed a new logo.  And you people sure showed us! Check out the talent pool below. There are five people with a range of submissions, and we’re keen to hear your thoughts on which one you see representing Seed — now and into the future.  [bra_border_divider top=’20’ bottom=’20’]

For further format examples of each design, click on the box at the bottom of each section.

Pedro Altuna

Pedro Altuna logo no 1Pedro Altuna logo no 2

Logo number 1                                                                                               Logo number 2

Pedro Altuna logo no 3

Logo number 3

Design inspiration

This logo is about love, Interconnectedness, nature and harmony. The love element is based on a true love story which started at last years Burning Seed event!

It’s a symbol which aims to create a balance between female and male energy. Its open and playful and inspires people to be creative and thrive. I was also inspired by the original design and felt it was important to keep a relationship to this.

Due to the last-minute awareness of this project I was only able to generate a logo.. If you decide to continue working on this design I would love the opportunity to spend more time on the typography and further finalise the logo and colours.

[bra_button text=’Check out more design details’ url=’http://burningseed.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/Pedro-Altuna-logo-three.pdf’ target=’_blank’ size=’large’ style=’round’ color=’orange’][bra_border_divider top=’20’ bottom=’20’]

Lauren Massy

BS Logo V2 BS Logo Portrait

Logo number 1                                                                             Logo number 2

Design inspiration

I have taken a symbolic rather than literal approach to the seed logo, as Burning Seed is means different things to different people, and as such the logo should be abstract and interpretable. Taking an organic approach, inspired by aboriginal style of painting, the logo has the seed at centre surrounded by rings representing the constant cycle of destruction (fire) and growth (seed), as well as paying homage to the natural landscape of our Australian earth.[bra_border_divider top=’20’ bottom=’20’]

James Wickham

James Wickham Logo

Design inspiration

My inspiration was the fire of Australian bush that is needed to turn seeds into life. I thought the seed was the simplest icon to use for a solid icon, which fits nicely with the two yin-yang style sides, producing the shape of a flame and the shape of a gum leaf. The split in the seed symbolises the catalyst of one’s soul being burnt by the experience of the burningman experience, which causes it to grow into new life – like the Australian bush does after a bush fire. The split also forms the shape of an “S” for Seed, which is also handy!

[bra_button text=’Check out more design details’ url=’http://burningseed.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/James-Wickham-logo-proof01.pdf’ target=’_blank’ size=’large’ style=” color=’orange’][bra_border_divider top=’20’ bottom=’20’]

Ken Baird

Ken Baird logo

Design inspiration

Whilst trying to encapsulate the 10 principles, focus fell on the playa, the people and the purpose of the event. I also wanted to highlight what day vs night offers, and how the event is more than 24 hours a day – it’s 365 days per year.

[bra_button text=’Check out more design details’ url=’http://burningseed.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/kenbaird_bslogo.pdf’ target=’_blank’ size=’large’ style=” color=’orange’][bra_border_divider top=’20’ bottom=’20’]

Shelley Watson



Design inspiration

Red Earth. I wanted to represent Australia as fire in both form and colour – a continent on fire! The flame shapes also denote the different states / territories (not literally) burning together as one, with Tasmania a simple flame linking the words with the illustration. And I also wanted a link to the existing logo as I felt continuity was important – this is achieved through colour, flame and a simple lowercase typeface.

[bra_button text=’Check out more design details’ url=’http://burningseed.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/Burning-Seed-logo-Shelley-Watson-1.pdf’ target=’_blank’ size=’large’ style=” color=’orange’][bra_border_divider top=’40’ bottom=’40’]

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Join the crew and role with us!!

[bra_dropcaps style=’dropcap2′]Y[/bra_dropcaps]o! Hola! 
So, we need hearts and hands and minds… and you wanna feel a greater connection with your tribe — right? Right? Well here’s your chance! Whether you build houses or websites, cook for people or cook the books, fix bodies or fix bad copy (ahem!)…


We’re six months out from the Burn and we’re recruiting for key Community Crew roles RIGHT NOW!

Our Burn has grown so much in only a short time and we need your help to create an even bigger, better, burnier Seed in 2015. So, these skill sets are always in demand: lawyers, accountants, builders, carpenters, doctors, nurses, paramedics, graphic designers, content writers, editors, web designers, project managers and event managers (phew!)

But we’re open to anyone who wants to invest time ahead of the burn, on-site or after the event. Check out these job role descriptions below and get in touch QUICK! if you’re interested to find out more:

[bra_button text=’Red Earth Info Lead’ url=’http://burningseed.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/InfoCentreTeamLead.pdf’ target=’_self’ size=’medium’ style=’rounded’ color=’orange’][bra_button text=’Kitchen 2IC’ url=’http://burningseed.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/Kitchen2iC.pdf’ target=’_blank’ size=’medium’ style=’rounded’ color=’orange’][bra_button text=’Ice sales team lead’ url=’http://burningseed.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/IceSalesTeam-Lead.pdf’ target=’_blank’ size=’medium’ style=’rounded’ color=’orange’][bra_button text=’DPI crew’ url=’http://burningseed.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/DPI-Crew.pdf’ target=’_blank’ size=’medium’ style=’rounded’ color=’orange’][bra_button text=’ARTery crew member’ url=’http://burningseed.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/Artery-Team.pdf’ target=’_blank’ size=’medium’ style=’rounded’ color=’orange’][bra_button text=’Leave No Trace 2ICs’ url=’http://burningseed.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/RoleDescriptionLeaveNoTrace2iC.pdf’ target=’_blank’ size=’medium’ style=’rounded’ color=’orange’][bra_divider height=’10’]

To register for more opportunities and to join the crew, get in touch with our Crew Wrangling team. To take a look at other roles, check out our participation portal.


Pic thanks to Shaan Ali


Get down n dirty with Red Earth Ecology

[bra_dropcaps style=’dropcap2′]C[/bra_dropcaps]ome get dirty with a bunch of Burners — nooooooo, not that kinda dirty. Cheeky! We do that all time. Nup, we’re offering you the chance to connect with Country, learn about the district’s ecosystems and build stronger ties with the local community by joining Red Earth Ecology on another biodiversity planting weekend on 1-3 May.

Red Earth Ecology is building on the momentum and success of last year’s project by organising a biodiversity planting at a property close to the Seed site. These plantings are an annual project that help strengthen the links between Burning Seed and the surrounding land and locals.

They’re looking for about 20 community members like YOU to join the crew. Help give something back to the people and place where we play, leave a positive trace, have fun and connect with other Burners towards a common goal. No, not BACON (although there will be plenty of that) – BIODIVERSITY! For a little sneaky squiz, check out the pics from last time.

This year the team will also work with skilled-up Burners to assess the Carbon footprint of Burning Seed 2015 so that we can offset our emissions accurately next year. Red Earth Ecology is also increasing its visibility this year at Seed, with MORE bush walks (which conveniently end at Red Earth Brewery during happy hour), and MORE education about the Red Earth City ecosystem online and at site.

For more information, contact maddock.helios@gmail.com